At Indoet, we combine the science of delivering your message to the right person with the art of creative, out-of-the-box media strategy.


  • Media

    Indoet builds custom media plans that meet your objectives. We focus on objective based media planning, are skilled negotiators and analyze campaign performance continuously, driving results and ROI for our clients. Our planning strengths include driving app downloads and podcast listeners, generating ecommerce, and delivering sales, in-store or online.
  • Media Solutions

    A constantly evolving marketplace requires curiosity, a desire to learn and creativity. We are passionate about the intersection of marketing and technology and are subject matter experts on the following; App Marketing, Podcast Marketing, Connected TV, Programmatic, Video, Sponsorships, Integrated Marketing, Paid Social, SEM and Direct-to-Publisher Marketing.
  • Analytics

    Analytics and media work together to turn browsers into engagers, prospects into customers, and purchasers into brand ambassadors.
    A customized BI Dashboard allows us to monitor your data proactively, leading to digital marketing strategies that generate performance and measurable results for you.
  • Creative

    Indoet design builds nice things.  Our capabilities range from strategy & development, display advertising, landing page development, direct mail and email marketing and digital direct response marketing. Our design department works closely with the media team to connect the dots, creating meaningful connections with our target audience and driving people to take action.